Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Life

For those of you who may or may not know, 
my father ( who has long since been broken up with my mother) got his current girlfriend knocked up. I got a text today saying she is in the hospital in labour. 
My little sister's name is going to be Presly.
I'm actually looking forward to having a sibling, my whole life i have wanted one but it's never really worked out. 
(my family is kind of cursed when it comes to male children)
Before i was born my father and his post mum hookup got pregnant
this resulted in Tanner, who was alive 3 years before he passed from a spinal disease.
Year's later after my mother and father separated ( they were never married, huzzah for being a bastard child!) My mother and her new husband tried for another child,
mum got pregnant with a little boy, but unfortunately it died in utero.
Another few years pass and my father and the women who is now giving birth to my little sister got pregnant the first time, 
in honor of his first son, dad named the child Tanner, it unfortunately died 6 months into gestation. 
So now right this second she is in labour with Presly, my little sister ( the words sound better and better each time i think them) He's going to keep me posted on the whole situation, I'm really hoping everything goes well as my father and his girlfriend are no longer young ( dad's in his 50's and she's in her early 40's) 
The worst part about this all is that it's happening in Prince Edward Island, i am in Alberta
i wont be able to see her born, and from the looks of it i wont be able to see her or hold her until we move down there in 2 and a half years. 
I guess i will have to make due with tons of photos. 
My father promised me that he would be a better dad to her than he was to me, 
i really hope he follows through...
well if not she always has her big sister to look out for her. 

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