Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday Musings

So next month is my birthday, June 15th to be exact and i will be turning 23.
I remembered when i turned 20 how freaked out i was, but it's not a deal anymore.
It's strange to be turning 23 when i can so vividly remember being 16 in the span of a year my life changed drastically.
I went from being homeless and a habitual drug user living under what ever shelter i could find
to getting into a serious relationship with Jerry which lead to me cleaning up my life.
Perhaps one day when i feel up to it i will blog a little more about my life, I've had some pretty interesting 'adventures'
Anyway, back to the 23rd birthday;
So the plan right now is to go camping which i am very excited for,
i haven't been camping since my 16th birthday
As it stands right now, i have no idea where we are going because mum has taken over the planning.
But our version of camping (which I'm sure is the same as most peoples now) is to get a spot,
pitch the tent's, put on some music and immediately start drinking. So I'm expecting a good time.
i only did this post because someone bugged me to, i have to be in the right mood to write anything of interest, although i can't much say my last post's have been interesting.
so hey if you are reading this now, POST A COMMENT! even under an anonymous title, ask me a question or something i don't know.


  1. The person who made you post should feel bad. You should not be pushed into anything! Realy enjoying your posts, i hope you carry them on. A question i would love to know is where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    Keep blogging :)


  2. "I went from being homeless and a habitual drug user living under what ever shelter i could find"

    How did that happen?

  3. Posting a comment, woohoo! I watch your youtube, so that's how I got here.

    I haven't been camping for a longgg time. I hope you have fun!