Friday, May 29, 2009

Ladies And Gentilmen

I give you the first photo of my little sister Presly, taken from my fathers cell phone she is almost a day old here. 

she is beautiful and i love her to pieces. 

Rather eventful day today actually, I'll blog about it tomorrow when i am not so exhausted
Leave some comment love for Presly 

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am proud to announce the birth of my little sister, 
Presly Larkin
born May 28th 11:07pm in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. 
Congratulations Dad and Johane, i can't wait to meet her. 

pictures to be posted when i get them. 

New Life

For those of you who may or may not know, 
my father ( who has long since been broken up with my mother) got his current girlfriend knocked up. I got a text today saying she is in the hospital in labour. 
My little sister's name is going to be Presly.
I'm actually looking forward to having a sibling, my whole life i have wanted one but it's never really worked out. 
(my family is kind of cursed when it comes to male children)
Before i was born my father and his post mum hookup got pregnant
this resulted in Tanner, who was alive 3 years before he passed from a spinal disease.
Year's later after my mother and father separated ( they were never married, huzzah for being a bastard child!) My mother and her new husband tried for another child,
mum got pregnant with a little boy, but unfortunately it died in utero.
Another few years pass and my father and the women who is now giving birth to my little sister got pregnant the first time, 
in honor of his first son, dad named the child Tanner, it unfortunately died 6 months into gestation. 
So now right this second she is in labour with Presly, my little sister ( the words sound better and better each time i think them) He's going to keep me posted on the whole situation, I'm really hoping everything goes well as my father and his girlfriend are no longer young ( dad's in his 50's and she's in her early 40's) 
The worst part about this all is that it's happening in Prince Edward Island, i am in Alberta
i wont be able to see her born, and from the looks of it i wont be able to see her or hold her until we move down there in 2 and a half years. 
I guess i will have to make due with tons of photos. 
My father promised me that he would be a better dad to her than he was to me, 
i really hope he follows through...
well if not she always has her big sister to look out for her. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009


You will have to forgive me if this post comes out nonsensical, I've had about 3 hours of sleep.

Thanks to those of you who asked me a question, I'll do my best to answer them now,

Jaycool2k asks, where i see myself in 5 years time. 

Well jay, to be honest i don't rightly know, I've never been one to plan out my future 
I'm more of a 'go with the flow' kind of person. 
But if i were to take a stab at it i would say;
In 5 years time i hope to see myself living in Prince Edward Island  in a small house by the ocean, hopefully owning my own comic book store and being a Japanese tour guide. I don't ask for much but that seems to be my dream and has been the last few years. Close to my family and my sister (who should be entering this world in the next few weeks) 

Eden asks, 'i went from being homeless and habitual drug user living under whatever shelter i could find' - how did this happen. 
Well Eden needless to say, i was not the best teenager, when i moved to my current town (whitecourt alberta) i was angry with my mother and stepfather for taking me out of Calgary and away from my friends, so naturally i tried to rebel as much as possible, I'll try to list some of the wonderful things i did. 
  • When i was 15  i met someone who i fell hopelessly in love with, unfortunately for us he was 18, and our relationship was not met with kind eyes, we thought foolishly that a remedy to this problem would be to run away to Edmonton together however before we pulled our vanishing act we needed funds, so i thought it would be a smart idea to steal my mothers rent money and her wedding rings before we left. You can tell this ended badly ( him and i getting arrested at west edmonton mall and my minor ass getting hauled to a detention center) 
  • My memory isn't as good as it used to be, so these fact's may not be in proper order but i also had another boyfriend who i met young, we fell 'in love' and while both going through family issues, became homeless, We made friend with some speed dealers and moved in with them ( horrible older couple, the husband was incredibly creepy) We lived there for abit which of course lead to quite the addiction, after wasting away to under 90lbs i remember looking at myself in a mirror, my ribs sticking out, skin grey, eyes bleak i quit, cold turkey. We found ourselves living in an old tree house and stealing change from cars for food ( we lived off fritos,skittles and pepsi blue lol) Thankfully though i moved back in with my mother and got sorted. 
  • I used to steal cars for fun, i would steal one and drive it out to the middle of nowhere and leave them.
  • My friends and i used to pass the time by destroying public property ( how rebellious of me i know) We set old abandon buildings on fire and trashed other things. 
I think for now I'll leave it at that, my fingers are getting tired. 
If you have anymore questions or comment's please feel free. 
I'm tired, i wish i could sleep. 
How do you cope with insomnia? 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday Musings

So next month is my birthday, June 15th to be exact and i will be turning 23.
I remembered when i turned 20 how freaked out i was, but it's not a deal anymore.
It's strange to be turning 23 when i can so vividly remember being 16 in the span of a year my life changed drastically.
I went from being homeless and a habitual drug user living under what ever shelter i could find
to getting into a serious relationship with Jerry which lead to me cleaning up my life.
Perhaps one day when i feel up to it i will blog a little more about my life, I've had some pretty interesting 'adventures'
Anyway, back to the 23rd birthday;
So the plan right now is to go camping which i am very excited for,
i haven't been camping since my 16th birthday
As it stands right now, i have no idea where we are going because mum has taken over the planning.
But our version of camping (which I'm sure is the same as most peoples now) is to get a spot,
pitch the tent's, put on some music and immediately start drinking. So I'm expecting a good time.
i only did this post because someone bugged me to, i have to be in the right mood to write anything of interest, although i can't much say my last post's have been interesting.
so hey if you are reading this now, POST A COMMENT! even under an anonymous title, ask me a question or something i don't know.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


99.9% Of the time people fucking enrage me.
And the sad thing is, it's normally people i know exclusively online,
I build relationships with them, platonic friendships which grow incredibly strong considering we don't know one another online.
As some of you may know I have a hard time identifying with people in real life, so i tend to turn to the internet to find people to communicate with.
Normally, I can't be bothered to care so deeply for most of my online friends (yes i care about all of my online friends but I have deeper connections with some)
Yesterday I got into an argument with a friend i care deeply for,
over something they saw as trivial but i perceived it to be quite important.
And because i chose to openly express my thoughts and feelings we are no longer friends.

Why is that?
Is it so hard for other people to accept outside thoughts and opinions?
I know even if it's something i don't agree with I still wont end a friendship just because of how the other person sees things. I mean if you were to look at my friendship with Brendon,
it's the perfect example, a lot of times our opinions clash and we end up debating them,
we view the world differently.
And that's fine, i accept his opinions even if I don't follow them,
hell sometimes it even spices up the conversation.

I don't know, I just hate to lose such a good friendship over something so trivial.
What do you guys think?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thought's at 4:22 in the morning.

So it's 4 am..
I went to bed around 10 feeling incredibly tired thinking i was going to sleep until jerry got up for work (6 am)
I found myself up and wide awake at 2. WHY?! #%$^%$@$!
I am feeling stressed for no known reason
Damned sleep deprivation for once it would be fantastic to sleep like a normal person lol
Could someone bring me a coffee? that would be lovely thanks.
I don't know how i did it but i bit my lip hard and now it's all funky looking
Hahaha i was going to try and make this much better than it's turning out, oh well.

My brain won't let me type anything interesting, so i am going to end this.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I never got into the blog movement,
perhaps because i never have anything interesting to say.
But I'm going to give this a shot.
I don't really know what i am going to post, most likely just daily event's and rants.
I am also thinking of posting some of my writing
( yes shock and awe i do write)
I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Hrmm, thought's right now.
I think something is wrong with me, no matter how much sleep i get i am always tired..always
I am currently trying to counter act this feeling by imbibing NoS, it tastes like sad.
I wish i could Vlog as much as i used to, I have been on youtube for almost 3 years
but lately i have been feeling so very uninspired.
I love the creative content spewing forth on the tube but i really miss the day's when the Vlogers ruled.
Jerry is very addicted to Call Of Duty World At War.
In 4 weeks i will have a little sister and i already feel overprotective of her
My dad feel's guilty because our relationship was less than great when i was little, i don't hold anything against him because of it, but the constant text's and phone calls are kind of annoying.

I guess that's it for now.
I'm thinking of posting on a semi-daily basis if enough people get into reading